Brisbane Meats and Co is always sourcing extensive products to bring you and your customers tender, flavorsome highest quality meats that were ethically produce   

Some Of Our Suppliers

Robbins Island cattle are retained on pasture for at least two years before moving to supplemental grain finishing for consistency of marbling. Featuring beef marble scores of 4-6 & 7-8 and 9+, the taste signature is a great combination of specific Wagyu genetics, and a pristine environment, and a specific grain ration that aims to mimic the local flora of Robbins Island in harmony with nature. Read More!

Established in 2018 by local industry experts with global experience, Paradigm Foods is a subsidiary business of AGTRADE International and a sister company of Australian Rural Exports (AUSTREX). Established in 1973, AUSTREX is now one of the largest livestock export businesses in the world and has built a brand synonymous with animal welfare, quality, reliability and integrity.

At Paradigm Foods, it’s our relationships that set us apart. Well poised to leverage the history, strength and stability of a truly global platform, we build transparent relationships with our producer base, processors and customers to create value for all of our supply chain partners. Read More!

Our proud collective of beef farmers throughout Tasmania, King and Flinders Islands, have a commitment to ethical practices and are audited by a third-party. They nurture the finest quality cattle, without harming the pristine environment.

Raised on rich pastures with nothing else added, Cape Grim Beef is hand-selected and rigorously graded, rewarding you with pure beef flavour – made by nature Read More!

Kilcoy Global Foods Australia boasts six premium beef brands, each with a reputation for quality, consistency and excellence. Our brands reflect our agility within the market and commitment to delivering an unbeatable customer experience.

We don’t settle — our tenacious attitude and expert insight allows us to produce an exceptional beef offering, including grass-fed and hormone-free options. Read More!

Deep into southern New South Wales, where legendary rivers such as the Murray, Lachlan, Darling, and Murrumbidgee intertwine their way through fertile and rolling hills lies the Riverina region. The Riverina has earned a global reputation for quality and consistency with volume to match. But the story of the Riverina starts 40,000 years ago when indigenous communities such as the Wiradjuri and Bangerang thrived on its bountiful lands delivering to you Black Angus beef without peer. Read More!

Our Black Angus brand is named after one of the Australian beef industry’s pioneers, Joe Catalfamo. Joe began his career in the meat industry as a butcher’s apprentice before opening his own retail store in 1968, and later establishing Josdale Butchers in 1984.

Throughout his illustrious career, Joe has owned and operated more than 30 retail stores and is one of only a few people in the industry to expand into the slaughtering process in domestic and export markets. He has also operated over 10 multi-species meat processing sites across Australia, including New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania. Read More!

Nothing is more important to us than giving beef connoisseurs the opportunity to indulge this passion. This is why we have chosen to partner with an elite group of select award-winning restaurants around Australia who have been given year-round access to King Island Beef.

With regard to our partner restaurants, our key focus is on having and following a common philosophy – we are both passionate about paying homage to great tasting beef and giving recognition to the exclusive location it is sourced from. Read More!

A group of select professional prime lamb producers supply the Sovereign brand and lambs are hand selected at each stage of the production chain to meet the strict specifications. The pure lamb genetics of the Sovereign brand and the natural feeding regime of lush pastures, clean water and air, give the lamb a tender texture and a mild rich flavour, unlike no other.Read More!

A journey started with a simple love of flavour and family, in Arthur Shoppee’s backyard in the 1960’s. Today, that same love makes us Australia’s leading duck produce Read More!

For nearly 20 years, passionate Lilydale farmers have been perfecting free range farming based on one simple belief: chicken that’s raised better, tastes better.

Today, our commitment to quality and to the welfare of our chickens is what sets us apart Read More!

The Golden Cockerel Group is comprised of several companies involved in poultry processing in the state of Queensland. The Group market and distribute a range of both fresh and frozen poultry products to customers throughout Queensland, Australia and the international market.

At Golden Cockerel we believe the customer must be provided with products and service of the highest quality and with consistency unmatched by our competitors. This shall be achieved by adherence to the Company’s quality system which is fully compliant with CODEX HACCP Read More!